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even-even soccer equipment network Italy sports clothing brand Macron company in Italy before the Bologna club team this season in Serie A last home court and AC Milan team announced the 2016-17 season the team New Jersey home court. Macron is working closely with the Bologna club to create a new shirt that inherits the club's tradition and is in line with the unique style of the Macron brand. technology, using the Macron brand Jersey Italian slim, key areas of the mesh fabric has good heat dissipation. There are small pores in the armpit to help players to heat and sweat faster in movement. The collar of the ball is embroidered with the word "BFC 1909". The font comes from the badge of the club. The tag in the collar also shows the famous motto of the club, "Lo Squadrone Che tremare IL Mondo Fa" (this team makes the world tremble).Chongqing hong'ao bowling alley in January 2015 second week game player Zhang Yu won the women's arc! | Bowling Chongqing honglink bowling alley, the second week of 2015 at 19:00 last night at the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 2015 second week tournament players on the track are full play to self level, in the fierce competition in the game in the end by the first woman player Zhang Chongqing arc with 1215 points to win the game, from the top six for the award, first name: Zhang Yu (arc ball) second: Mou Jinsong (arc ball) Third: Li Jun (arc ball) Fourth: Chen Anjian (straight ball) fifth: Ruan Zhaoju (linear ball) sixth: Zhang Yue (Fei Dieqiu )According to ESPN , the Green Bay Packers will be officially retired legendary quarterback Bret faffe team this season (Brett Favre) of the number 4, in addition, will also be officially named Favre packers Hall of fame. It is reported that , packers and faffe on Monday afternoon I will time the United States together held a press conference to announce the news. Unfortunately, I will attend the conference to Favre, he will pass the phone to the majority of the packers fans personally announced the news. just a month ago, the packers President Mark - Murphy (Mark Murphy) had also made it clear that the team will not retire at the end of the season Favre Jersey, he also pointed out that this is my worry Favre fans will cause discontent. The has 20 years of glorious occupation career. He came from the Atlanta falcons, and in two, he came to the Green Bay Packer and started his legendary career. The packers came to Favre in fourth games for the first time the packers starting from the beginning of the game, he occupied the packers starting quarterback position for the 16 season until the 08 season to leave. In the 16 season the packers. Favre will this team became one of the top teams. He led the 8 division champion, won the 5 National League scored 2 NBA Finals, the super bowl, and won thirty-first Super Bowl trophy. In addition, the virtue of their outstanding performance, was elected for three consecutive years of The Associated Press's most valuable player award. No one can break this record so far. The dispute may be in 08-09 before the start of the season, when all the people think will be in the packaging industry Favre retired to perfect the end of his occupation career, the 39 year old faffe has chosen beyond all expectations to New York and joined the New York jets. The jet spent just one season, Favre came to a world of ice and snow Minneapolis, and eventually retired in the vikings. Perhaps, this is the last three years, has become a barrier Favre and the packers fans forever. but in any case, the best their occupation career faffe 16 years of dedication to the Green Bay Packers, and brought a Super Bowl trophy for the town. 6 years ago, his anger at the time of his departure had long gone away, leaving the Packers' yearning and admiration for the legendary quarterback. Perhaps, the jersey retired, it correctly expressed their understanding and appreciation faffe.NFL official website | Dezhou offensive front open outstanding achievements of Forster high | football Houston Dezhou people's ground cover score is only -1.8 points this season, which is not satisfactory, but careful observation shows that the low score is not on the offensive front line. actually, Dezhou's offensive front played quite well this season. The score of the 5 starters is all positive, with a total score of +25.8. No other team's offensive front can surpass this score. Star center Chris - Meyers (Chris Myers) this season back side, +9.9 ground cover score ranked in all third centers, their star running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) 70 time this season, Meyers rushed from both sides of the ball, scored 405 yards. and Duane - Brown (Duane Brown), Ben Jones (Ben Jones), Derek Newton (Derrick Newton) and Brandon Brooks (Brandon Brooks) of the four starters are the outstanding performance of Forster foundation, the Forster played only 9 games under the situation still ran out of the league in sixth 901 yards. , therefore, for Dezhou people, the most important thing is to improve the blocking efficiency of the near ends and the whole guards. Compared with the high efficiency of the offensive front line, the total score of all open ends and all the guards on the ground is only -20.2.

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