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The official website of NFL, from the 2017 draft NFL training base in rugby nest highly anticipated 2017 NFL draft Conference opened in Beijing this morning, the first round of a surprise after the end, except the patriot, ram, the Seahawks and the Vikings, other teams have to harvest their favorite target, it makes me think of a question, such as Luis Anna S, Ohio State University, University of Alabama and other schools all players in the first round of queping high school, with the past few years, why the draft rule is always several college teams? This article, combined with this year's show conference, will show you which NCAA force is NFL's talent transportation base in recent years: Dezhou agricultural machinery University (Texas A& M) , as the name suggests, this university is a university which is mainly agricultural and mechanical engineering in Dezhou. In recent years, business administration has also made rapid progress. Its academic rank is the top one hundred in the United States, and there are five Nobel prize winners in history. their nickname Aggie student is also very down to earth, do not think that t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping he university is sitting in the lab nerd, as this year's champion Meyers Garrett's alma mater, Agricultural University in the depths of the NCAA Southeast Division, perennial simmering fresh and the University of Alabama, Auburn University and other famous universities LSU wrestling. The history of Agricultural University has won three national championships, but also a recent back to nearly eighty years ago, the last ten years of Dezhou Agricultural University in Dezhou gradually replaced the Lone Star State University to become the best football schools. Gareth was elected champion, became the first Agricultural University produced NFL champion, prior history, they have produced over 5 of which show Bangyan, are more familiar with the 2011 2013 von Miller and Luke Joeckel. The last five years led coach Kevin sumlin achieved good results, let the students of agricultural school evaluation is more and more high, they figure several times to shine the draft, such as the first round of the 2014 draft: Jack Mathews (three - Falcon), Mike Evans (pirate) and Johnny Mansel (Brown) 2012 lane; Tanzania - Hill (dolphin) and so on. But it is easy to see the problem, it is prone to school students and also the glorious history of smuggled goods, almost only in recent years. except Gareth, defensive end Sean put Holzer, safety Justin Evans, guard Jermaine eiru Mu Noel are likely to be selected in tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. University of North Carolina (North Carolina) our familiar North Carolina University is actually sixteen 〉in the 2014 NFL draft, when Saint Louis's rams chose the defensive side Michael Sam Michael Sam in the seventh round, he also became the first openly released gay player in the league. , but recently, Saint Louis media reported that Sam chose the rams because if they did so, the alliance would agree that they would not appear in the hard training camp that year. and the ram chief Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) were "ridiculous and 100% wrong" on Thursday when they took part in the ESPN program. "We have 3 seventh round picks," he said. We picked Michael, he was the best player we thought at the time. Who will think that you will give up a draft to avoid doing such a thing in the normal situation - so I think it will be good for the team. " When was cut off by the ram before the 2014 season, Sam said he was not surprised at twitter. He said in an interview Thursday: "I can understand why they cut me instead of Ethan - Wes Brooks (Ethan Westbrooks), even though I will perform better than him. It can also be understood why coach Fisher was vague when telling me the news that I was cut. " on Wednesday the Alliance announced that the move to Losangeles for the next season will be the subject of a new season of "hard man training camp". "We look forward to this opportunity, and this will be a great story this summer," Fisher said.Andrew Whitworth (Andrew Whitworth) do not have to wait until five years after the contract to fulfill the contract for the new. and the Cincinnati tigers left Jiefeng 1, he will play for the team until 2016. NFL official Ian - Rapoport, according to the news of the insider, said the contract was worth up to $9 million. Whitworth in this offseason because he said the tiger wanted to pick his successor and headlines. The team chose not only Cedric Ogbuehi (Cedric Ogbuehi) in the first round, but also the selection of Jack Fisher (Jake) in the second round. they may be the future of the team, but Whitworth and Andre Smith (Andre Smith) is now. is the oldest League starting offensive tackle, Whitworth start outstanding performance in the first two games after he was offensive tackle occupation Football Focus Network third score. The tiger attacked the front line and had not yet captured the opponent, but it showed a strong performance in the ball attack. It helped the tigers to hit the ball third in the league's third place. Whitworth will make $5 million this season. Smith's contract expires at the end of the season, so it will renew Whitworth's contract for another year to ensure that the tigers will retain at least one veteran's offensive front when promoting young attacking frontline players.even-even Nike network equipment company in Brazil football club Corinthians team jointly launched a new second Jersey 2015-16 season. The club first loess stadium for the background, the Corinthians team wore the club's first full orange shirt. It opened the club had been dust laden history, brave Corinthians football style is born on the Loess ground.

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