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As in the past, home court uniforms used consistently Leon home court color, white with red and blue horizontal stripes, simple but eye-catching. Adidas made a fine tailoring for the 17/18 season robe, making the shirt itself more compact. The white is the bottom, and the other colors cross the design makes the whole feeling more comfortable and cleaner. The design of suchwe didn't care to update the injury news about Julio Jones (Julio Jones) and center Alex Mike (Alex Mack) this week. Atlanta hawk chief Dan Quinn (Dan Quinn) joined the radio show on Wednesday, saying that two people would have a rest this week. , "we will let two players rest this week, that is Alex, Mike and Julio, so that they can be prepared for training when we arrive at Houston," Quin said. "This is our goal for the two of them, and this is our plan. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping They will be able to play. But in addition to these two people, we are able to participate in health training today. " Jones is at the beginning of December suffered a toe injury treatment. Mike had an ankle injury in the NBA championship but then returned to the game. makes two people rest a wise choice and does not have a negative impact on their participation in the super bowl. The falcons will be trained on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and then they will go to Houston before Sunday. In Houston, we can get the latest news about Jones and Mike.The official website of NFL | week seventh Thursday night game preview: @49 | Seahawks football this week's Thursday night race is a National League West civil war last week against the Seattle Seahawks home court Panthers (2-4) south of California to the Levi's stadium challenge rivals San Francisco 49 (2-4). The status of the Seahawks for two consecutive years defending national league poor in two bears and lions defeated the underdog after was the tiger and the lion reversed. They want to avoid losing streak for the first time since the 2011 season. The main tour guard Earl - Thomas said: the current record does not match with our real level, far from the point of run out of ammunition and food supplies. But data show that since 1990, 2 wins and 4 losses have been less than 1/10 (14/168) of the opening season, and no more super bowl that can enter the year. The Seahawks faced to keep play at a critical moment, fourth lost 55 points is No. more than 4, and in the last 5 games last only 3 arbitrary goals. Known for flexible Russell Wilson was sacked 26 times is the most in the league, and he nearly end Jimmy - Graham also has not a good understanding. The good news is that the center of the defensive team and the midline Bobby Wagner will be back. Plus this week in the face of the 49 is like the Seahawks opponent, in the past 6 games against the sea eagle five degrees to win, including 13 season National League finals and Thanksgiving last year. The same record of 49 people are also eager to win the game, especially for Nick Colin Capet, as the first 6 meetings with the Seahawks, his data is quite bleak, passing success rate of 53.3, 3 touchdowns 9 steals, 18 was killed, a passer rating of only 54.1. But in the last two games, he had a total of 4 and 0 was a good copy. The ground attack of the 49 people is not good because of the injury of the main runner Carlos - Haide. While a panther was the Seahawks ran 135 yards, legs Capet Nick and Hyde should have a better chance. The quarterback situation is also evident in the aspect of the catcher. Boulding, a veteran veteran of the same field of Haiying (5 field 17 to 194 yards and 1 yards), has rebounded sharply after the beginning of the season (4 fields 15 to 124 yards). Nawoluo linebacker Bauman and veteran Antoine - led defense Bessel Qiang Wei army in addition to Werwilson and on a comeback beast horse Sean Lynch, had run 334 yards to meet new running back Thomas Rawls.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?

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