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had a sad news when NFL was about to meet third weeks. The former Tennessee Titans kicker rob Bailuonasi - (Rob Bironas) local time on Saturday night in Nashville since the accident died, at the age of 36. According to reports, Bailuonasi when driving the vehicle lost control and ran off the road, hit a few trees and into a ditch. The car had been overturned when the police arrived. Bailuonasi was sent to the Vanderbilt medical center, where he was pronounced dead. According to police, Bailuonasi driving very fast, but it is unlikely to be due to drugs or alcohol. in June this year, Bailuonasi and Hall of fame quarterback Terry Brad Shaw (Terry Bradshaw) the daughter of Rachel Brad Shaw (Rachel Bradshaw) married. His family confirmed his death through his twitter account. Bailuonas cheap nfl jerseys free shipping i 2013 seasons with the Tennessee Titans, he was laid off in March 19th this year. The kicker, who has played the Titan for many years, hit a free kick of 85.7% and kicked 60 yards at the farthest. In 2005 Bailuonasi offseason for Titan appeared for the first time, he had to hang around in the Green Bay Packers, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pittsburgh Steelers off-season lineup, also briefly played in the indoor football league.Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone) had a big play this time. The Jacksonville Jaguars announced that last season, Malone, the manager of buffalo Bill, will be the assistant coach of the team as the assistant coach. this is one of the news that he redetonated the League after 3 weeks ago with Bill's release of $4 million in advance. In frequent contact with the coach of the team in the offseason, he rarely appeared. said he didn't get an attack coordinator after he met the Jaguar top last week because the bosses of each team were questioning his loyalty to the team. , but faced with the urgent need to rebuild the Jaguar attacking the front line, Malone needs to make great efforts, because he can be regarded as the most expensive offensive front coach in the league.NFL according to the famous media people Ian Labobote (Ian Rapoport) reported that the San Diego lightning team did not in the off Philip Rivers in the offseason trading quarterback (Philip Rivers) plan. Tom Telles (Tom Telesco), the general manager of the team, confirmed this news this week: "we never thought about it." Rivers once said in an interview with local radio station in San Diego, he hoped that I can go to Losangeles to play, and do not intend to renew the contract in 2016 before the end of the team, he would put his future firmly in control in their own hands. When this happened, people linked it to the first round of the Tennessee Titan's first two. and now Telles has made this clarification, it seems that Rivers will stay in San Diego. Telles explained, "as I said before, we are very willing to renew our appointment with Rivers, and we are looking forward to his preparation."Byron - Maxwell (Byron Maxwell) returned to Seattle and the old teammates of the bombardment corps to reunite. in the top cornerback Richard Sherman (Richard Sherman) because of a torn Achilles tendon for the season, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback needed supplement. They're going to sign Maxwell. Maxwell on Monday were on trial haiying. During the period he had in 2014 2011 for the Seahawks effect, starting 17 games. Then he joined the Philadelphia eagle with a 6 year contract. He was cut off by the Miami dolphin last month, and this season he was only playing 2 games. At the beginning of the season hamstring injuries restricted his playing time and he was the worst performance let him be laid off two weeks ago were excluded from the list of appearances. Maxwell 2016 season, the Seahawks will hope he can return to this state. He is very suitable for the Seahawks defense system and have been playing in this system experience. he will face a difficult task to replace Sherman, but it looks like he is currently the best choice for the Seahawks in the free agent market.

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