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Tennessee Titans in the offseason is the primary task of reforming the coach group. After the appointment of the chief coach of Mike - Rudge (Mike Mularkey), the team also identified the offensive coordinator. On Wednesday local time, Titan announced that Terry - Lo Bielski (Terry Robiskie) would be the new offensive coordinator. In addition, Dick - Lebow (Dick LeBeau) will serve as the assistant to the coaching assistant and the defense coordinator. the past 8 seasons, the Atlanta falcons ROBISKIE as receivers coach, training such as Roddy White (Roddy White) and Julio Jones (Julio Jones) took over the excellent level. It is reported that Titan's original offense coordinator, Jason Michael (Jason Michael), may turn into a quarterback coach. The former New York jet team coordinator Bobby April (Bobby April) joined the same position. Titan sees Marcus - Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) as the core of the team's future, but the team's problems have been at the bottom of the season. The team hopes that the new cheap nfl jerseys free shipping coaching team will lead the young quarterback to lead Titan's rise.in the seventh week of the game, the Saint Louis rams running back Mason Taylor (Tre Mason) to complete the outbreak, the 18 time he rushed out of the ball 85 yards, and one touchdown harvest. The rams also got beat the Seattle seahawks. Mason's performance made him far ahead of the other competitors in the first run of the race. The goats announced Zach - Stacy (Zac Stacy) as the starting point before the game, but the result was that he only played 1 Games in the game. Byrne - Corelle (Benny Cunningham), the 2 red ball just completed 3 yards. The guest running back Austen tahon (Tavon Austin) 5 chance to get run, eventually harvest only 16 yards. to this, coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) said the team would reuse the better running guard in the game. He said, "about first hair, this is a thing that needs to be decided every week." Zach could have made at least 25 shots in the game, but something happened earlier last week, which made us make a decision. The problem is not what he did, or what he didn't do, it was just a state problem. He has been a bit sluggish in the past few weeks, but he is still a good player. In the position of the running guard, we have a strong lineup. " has been plagued by ankle and calf injuries in the past few weeks, which has led to a sharp decline in his state. Although Mason was not involved in passing and passing the ball in last week's game, he was still the most trusted player in the current run - back. This week the goats are going to be the chief of Kansas City, and Mason is likely to start his first career. In his career, Fisher did not like the rotation of the running guard. Mason needs a better performance to consolidate his position and get more opportunities.The Washington red team took the first step in finding a new stadium. But there's no clue where to choose. On Wednesday, the red skin boss, Dan Snyder, told Washington CNS that the red skin had "moved forward" the new stadium plan. , he said, "it may be in Washington, or in another stadium in Maryland, and maybe in Virginia, anyway, we have begun to think about this. The red team began training at the FedEx stadium in Maryland since 1997. The red team, a famous old football league, has been training at the FedEx stadium in Maryland since 1997. The stadium was originally named after its predecessor, Jack Kent Jack, and the result of the new stadium's death was that the new stadium had not been put into use by the Kent Cooke. Cook's son did not have enough money to buy the team, and finally his foundation sold the team to the businessman Snyder. After the new boss took office, the first fire was to sell the naming rights of the stadium, and finally the highest FedEx bid was successful, and now the FedEx stadium.The official website of NFL | Coughlin: the players did not let me disappointed | football New York giant again stopped the regular season, and the patience of the fans and the media seemed to have disappeared. Some media believe that this season is probably the coach Tom Coughlin (Tom Coughlin) last season coached the giants, quarterback Eli Manning (Eli Manning) said the players let the coach down: I respect the coach, I hope he can continue to work for the team. I had hoped to finish my work and bring the team into the playoffs, but unfortunately, we should be able to play better games. We let the coach down. Tomlin said: the players should not think so. It's a pity that they should have been in a better ranking. I'm the coach and I should be responsible. The players didn't play for me, on the contrary, I was trying to help them to become a coach. We lost the game and I tried to put these young people in their comfortable position. That's what I should do. They didn't disappoint me, and the players didn't need to feel self reproach. as the coach of one of the giants of history, she was in the squad reputation self-evident. Relevant personage thinks, the giants will give Coughlin more time management and players, the coach still believe.

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