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Squash | China open semi-final decide the double glow of colorful glass court battle Luca in October 25th, the world Chinese open squash occupation to Pudong New Area crystal glass in Binjiang Avenue double square stadium, from the world's top squash players battle for women's occupation. After four battle, ranked first in the world of Malaysia's Nicole David was the first to reach the semi-finals, then Natalie Graham (Australia), Jeanne Duncalfe (England), AI Hui Lili (Egypt) has won the race to reach the semi-finals. in today's competition, Malaysia contestant Nicole David. To 3:1 (11:6,9:11,11:6,11:6) over the India teenager. Deepika Parika, showing great strength; ranked eighth in the world of Australia's Natalie Graham and ranked fourth in the world in England. Alison Waters played very hard, the game lasted 62 minutes played in 5 games. Natalie. Graham eventually won the game by 3:2; New Zealand's Joe 3:1. Ireland gold (7:11,11:4,11:2,11:7) victory over England's Jeanne duncalf; ranked third in the world of Egypt's AI Hui Lili 3:1 (11:4,11:3,10:12,11:3) out of two previous Chinese Open champion Novak Liu Weiwen of Malaysia. will play semi-finals in Pudong New Area Crystal Court in Shuanghui square, Binjiang on October 26th at 7 o'clock in the evening. The winner will compete for the championship of China open on 27 th. Ranked eighth i cheap nfl jerseys free shipping n the world of Australia's Natalie Graham will challenge to dominate the world first 8 years. Nicole David, New Zealand's Joe. Gold will Ireland and Egypt's AI Hui Lili for the final. Since the China open is upgraded to a golden event, the level of the competition has been greatly improved. Compared with last year, the competition attracted more high-level players to compete, including the monopoly of the world championship of the squash women world champion for 8 years, the Malaysia player Nicole ·, David. In addition, eight of the top ten players in the world came to Shanghai in 2013. (Paul)The official website of NFL | Seahawks General Manager: defensive end Bennet on the current contract with | football Michael - Bennet (Michael Bennett) still wants a raise. the Seattle Seahawks ball impact hand choose not to participate in the current voluntary training to hope the team can to give him a contract. General manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) said on Wednesday that he felt Bennet was not satisfied with his $32 million $4 contract that he had signed in 2014. I didn't have the impression that he was satisfied with the contract, Schneider said. But I think he realized it was a team sport and I'm sure he saw some teammates with a year left. His contract is two years left. We have some people to worry about to become free players after the end of next season. According to a report in the and the players left on his contract for more than a year of negotiations, the Seahawks want to fix receiver Doug - Baldwin (Doug Baldwin), near end Luke - Wilson (Luke Willson) and kicker Steven hauska (Steven Hauschka) contract. Bennet last offseason choose a strike to seek a new contract, but failed. He took part in compulsory training, but said he had considered complete training. But Schneider is not worried that this will happen this year. Bennet in the last season for the first time in the bowl and the occupation is a key member of the Seahawks defensive attack the ruling class, but in two years with the contract situation he may also raise the target can not be achieved.Squash | Chinese squash tour Beijing Railway Station decided three crown record number of entries! Cleveland September 18 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xiangqian) on September 16th -18, 2011 China squash tour Beijing Railway Station held at the Kempinski Hotel in the pulse of the city fitness club, the three winner of the main, the scale is a record of the most calendar stations. China squash tour Beijing Railway Station contest sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, the ball China Squash Association, Beijing excellence Star Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Beijing Lufthansa Center Kempinski Hotel and the pulse of the City Fitness Club Co. tournament total of men, men and women's group a group B B total three groups, both for the individual competition, group a round robin tournament, group B with knockout format. After two days of fierce competition, the group of three seating all announced: men's five players of which four are from the Shanghai Institute of the national team players, so the Beijing Railway Station game level is very high, the top three of the competition is also very intense: Shen Jiaqi, Wang Junjie, Shen Jiaqi three people record with 3 wins and 1 losses, with 3 points, three people had to pass more games scheduled the final ranking, Shen Jiaqi with 1 more victories winning the champion, runner up Wang Junjie, Meng Xiaomin third. Another national team player Li Zhiyuan ranked fourth, ranked first by group B and advance a Beijing player Wang Yan in fifth. In the men's group B competition, Wang Weicong from Hongkong won the championship in the finals with 3-1 victory over the Beijing player Liu Wei, and Liu Wei won the second place. In the third competition, the Beijing athlete's Xian Guo Kun abstained and the Nanjing player Zhu Rui gained the third runner up. woman B final Chongqing girl to Lu Ma 3-0 victory over Wuhan's Mao Shanshan, top champion, runner up Mao Shanshan, the third battle between two Beijing players, Ge Jia after five Bureau hard at the end of 3-2 successfully reversed Bao Nannan. Vice Minister of the State Sports General Administration of two ball movement center Jin Hongwen, deputy general manager of Kempinski Hotel Li Bo, President Zhang Wen, Chinese tournament referee Squash Association Zhang Ning and Beijing star of excellence culture Communication Co., general manager of Zhenyuan and drop awarded honorary certificates for the winners. Chinese squash tour is an important event Chinese Squash Association launched in 2009 each year, with three races, no entry threshold, not only for the contestants with integral ranking, is also provided with a bonus, so the events held in the past three years has achieved great development, the majority of fans to actively support and enthusiasm participate in the competition, more and more large scale: there are 5 contestants, men's B 34 entries, woman B 1〉 the male students|2015 national handball Handball Championship in Liaoning Boye start | hand Co 2015 National Men's Handball Championship from April 29th to May 7th was held in the sports training base of Liaoning province boye. first round result: Jiangsu - Anhui 34:19 (24:13) Shandong - Xinjiang 28:13 (20:9) Liberation Army - Tianjin 33:28 (13:15) Beijing - Sichuan 39:24 (20:14)

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