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Philadelphia hawk's line guard's lineup was hit again. Rookie Jordan Hicks (Jordan Hicks) injured his chest muscles in the battle against Dallas cowboy last week. After undergoing magnetic resonance imaging, the team decided to put him on the list of injury reserves. It also means that the 2015 season of the excellent line guard has ended in advance. as of this week, Hicks's capture number was second in the hawk's team, and the last time he finished a wonderful copy of the attack. After the season's reimbursement, his rookie data will stay in 50 escapement, 1 escapement, 3 shot pass, 1 forced ball drop and 12 copying. As the biggest surprise of the hawk defense team this season, Hicks's wound back will affect the team's defe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nsive deployment to a certain extent. is worth mentioning is that the second week and the cowboy's game, it is Hicks's tackle lead Toni Romo (Tony Romo) absent because of injury of at least 8 weeks. The good news is that another linebacker Chico Alonso (Kiko Alonso) has come back.after the New York giants beat Dallas Cowboys 27 - 20 on Sunday, the Giants fans felt that the $17 million 500 thousand investment was good this summer. Dwayne Harris (Dwayne Harris) showed her strength in the match and won the match by winning a 100 yard run. In addition to 's special work, Harris also needed to take over. This game he finished 2 shots to push 43 yards, one of which was the catcher. Harris was in cowboy in the 4 season, with 2 punt return touchdowns and no kick return touchdowns. news: Ke Luzi feel painless injuries have beenThe official website of NFL | before the proximal end red front suspension, looking forward to return to the football league | Before , Washington Red Leather near end Fred Fred (Fred Davis) was announced this week after being away from the professional arena for more than a year. In February 2014, Davies was suspended for violating the league's drug regulations, and he was absent for the whole 2014 season. According to reports, the league has lifted the penalty for Davies's ban, and the player himself is looking forward to returning to the game. As a near - end front, has a great talent for Davies. His career peak appeared in the 2011 season, completing 59 hits and pushing 796 yards. However, since Davies's decline, only 31 receptions in the limited time, 395 yards, and 1 touchdowns. Davies, 29, did not give up training during the ban, and he was confident of returning to the league. Davies and former Redskins offensive coordinator Kell Shanahan (Kyle Shanahan) cooperation is very successful, the latter is currently serving as the Atlanta falcons offensive coordinator. Although the Falcon in the offseason has signed 2 proximal front, but there are rumors that they are not satisfied with the proximal wing position. Davies may be an object worthy of examination.The official website of NFL | Philadelphia Eagles sacked quarterback Tim TEBOW | Rugby Tim (Tim Tebow) - Seth Tibbott Philadelphia time. p.m. Saturday U.S. time 4 points, Philadelphia Eagles sacked 22 players, including Seth tibbott. In the United States on Friday when the team will quarterback Matt Barkley (Matt Barkley) traded to the Cardinals when people think Seth Tibbott will become the team's third outstanding quarterback, even in the last game against the New York jets preseason, Seth Tibbott was put up. coach chip Kelly (Chip Kelly) said: we feel thibau progress, but he is still not enough to meet our standard No. third quarterback. ????????????????????????????|???????????Y?????????????????????|????????????Y????? by Saturday, the total number of hawks was 52, 1 less than the alliance.

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