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The official website of NFL | tiger 6 years 96 million lock the main | football quarterback Dalton is Dalton's Tigers time is coming! It is reported that the Cincinnati tigers have agreed to renew a new 6 - year $96 million contract with the main quarterback, Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton). According to the well-known media reporter Laporte (Ian Rapoport) disclosed that if Dalton can achieve the contract's playoffs index, the total amount of the contract will be as high as 115 million. Then the tiger team officially confirmed the news. in the contract after the completion of the tigers boss Mike - Brown (Mike Brown) is a good mood, we in him (Dalton) who under a heavy note, because we believe that he has this ability. On the contrary, many tiger fans said they couldn't understand why the team spent a great deal with Dalton. Most people think Dalton's biggest problem is his weak arm strength and unsatisfactory playoff performance. In his first three playoffs, Dalton had only a pass, 6 times as high as the team, and the team did not win a victory. may be between the two, and Dalton is not really a top quarterback. But the current situation is that the tigers can't find a more suitable substitute. It is not so much cheap nfl jerseys free shipping as to believe the player who has brought them three times into the playoffs. In Dalton's contract, the most controversial is the full guaranteed, which is worth 17 million of the season. When the team and young players renew their contract, they usually do not give them such a high guarantee. although Dalton's renewal is controversial, it is undeniable that Dalton will be the main quarterback for the tigers in the next few years. The tigers have the youngest and most potential attacking players in the league. Dalton can grow with Green (A.J.Green) and Jones (Marvin Jones) as an indispensable force in the league.NFL's official website, the 2016 season NFL season summary: intersection, a new era of rugby nest this year, the world celebrate 2017, a peaceful healthy posture, 2016 NFL regular season burning for five months of the raging flames, finally slowly annihilation. if you often see a similar season summary, the authors prefer to use the time alternately as the title or the intention of the article. Not poets deliberately, in fact, the healthy development of the league, each season will naturally emerge so broadly The new supersedes the old., each season is indeed in the era of alternate. The clock back to the junction of century, all stars Troy Ekman, Steve young, Dan Marino, century old already, Ragnarok, then Payton Manning and Tom Brady quietly entered the league, created their own time. Last spring, Manning God's favored one bid farewell to the alliance, a seemingly era has ended, the League should stride into a new era, I think the alliance is only a small step, go to the intersection of the times, right to left back and forth, every step is a new chapter. : the tyrannical Dynasty team steadily Tom Brady and Bailey Cheik together, the fourteenth Division title in 16 seasons of the patriot. The start of the season before the cloth around the reddys ban by two patriots almost never play football occupation of young people seamlessly over old driver return after the Brady hype, led the Patriots alliance crazy sweep. Lose two games in the season? A bad state, a return of debt. The new dynasty Seahawks seemingly strength back, but returned to the throne and grab the League West for fifth consecutive seasons to reach the playoffs, the team still showed a solid foundation. The Steelers, Dezhou, Emirates, packers and so on are dedicated teams also exceptionally stable results, this season is the cavalcade, but they are not in the League of rock. player, Aaron Brady, Drew Rodgers, Bracey, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson five quarterback, all have a wonderful, although the process of BaiZhuanQianHui vary, but a great season allow all doubt they are the backbone, the healthy development of the alliance. surprise: too busy to attend to all successors chaotic hero, also call, by this season a bad team have also evolved momentum, jump out at the world a fright. Al West and the NL east to become their best partition, almost all double card. The Raiders were separated by 13 seasons, and the dolphins were separated in 7 seasons. Both of them were killed in the playoffs so that the fans of the ocean were lacrimal. Cowboys and giants, two old strong fans who love each other in the east of the League of nations, have died after several years of silence, especially the cowboys who are in charge of the little ones. The pirates and Titans, who have just matured by the leaders, are close to the playoffs.even-even soccer equipment network Adidas released a AC for the Milan club to create ads today as "First Never Follows (the second you)" part of a series of advertisements. The advertising film celebrates and emphasizes the fans' passion for the club. It combines the classic moments of AC Milan with digitalization to form a virtual image, and shows the new second field jerseys of the club in the 2016-17 season. As one of the largest clubs in the world, AC Milan players have to face all kinds of gossip, controversy and provocation. The film focuses on the discordant noise in the dressing room, while AC Milan players choose to ignore it and put on their Jersey and go back to the stadium without hesitation. is inspired by the national symbol of Italy, the green, white and red tricolor flags. The New Jersey is dark olive green, and the sleeves are added with the fashionable white paint design, and the red edge is used for the cuffs. Adidas's symbolic victory three stripes did not appear on the sleeves, the white three stripes appeared on the side of the body, and down to the dark olive green shorts.Even the new Adidas football equipment network Swansea City 2015-16 jersey with a white color of the club logo, and with a golden color of the details, is to point out the city status as a global center of copper smelting industry in nineteenth Century history. As mentioned in the video, 165 years ago, the global average copper from swansea.

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