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is a senior executive who runs dozens of business teams. Jeanne, President of Losangeles Lakers, ·, bass always considers the annual draft work for the needs of the team. During the decades she worked in the Lakers, she experienced both the brilliant moments of selecting "magician" Johnson, James ·, Voci, Kobe ·, Bryant, and the failure of Earl ·. , she is not a person who only watches the test of data and character and decides the future of a player. She has gone through numerous stories about the character's success or failure, from the professional ethics to the details. She never felt that any character could be helpful to the team. This is why in her fantasy league lineup, she never chose Tom Brady as their player ·. "it's not a matter of personal grudge. I just don't look at him." Jeanne · Bass said. 2016 September 1st, Tom · mostly in the New York Giants Stadium home court will warm-up before Brady when she realized that the answer how strange, she smiled, then ask whether there are other players like Tom will never choose to queue at. "Then I'm sure I won't choose the rapist Ben - Rothlisberger. I'd rather have his success without his failure. Similarly, I will not choose any players from Washington red skin just because they are carrying the label of W cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ashington. I am not satisfied with the running status of the national machine. was in silence. Jeanne · bass, one of the best speakers of NBA, a smart and straightforward man, a person who is almost around and does not evade questioning. In trouble, Rothlisberger's crime is very intuitive, political issue in the United States and put it down in black and white. But Tom Brady, · what is the specific reason that she so hate? "well... Maybe... Maybe, well, I don't know myself. " Jeanne · buss said. "Maybe it's because I don't like Larry ·. Byrd and his Boston Celtics, I really don't know what this feeling is, but I think he is too successful, too confident and too successful. To be honest, I have a little reluctance to admit, because he is a good man and I hate him. " finished the words, Jeanne · bass laughed, and in her conversation, there was a decree.The official website of NFL | boss Bill an ultimatum: next season must enter the playoffs | football Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) failed to bring the team into the playoffs in his first year in coaching buffalo Bill. If he can't do that in second years, he might be fired. According to Buffalo according to local media sources reported in the team, team boss Terry - Pegula (Terry Pegula) after the end of the season - Doug and Ryan and general manager Wiley (Doug Whaley) interview, Pegula issued an ultimatum: two people to make the necessary reinforcement to let the team into the playoffs in the next season, or just wait fired. Ryan's contract is four years left, and Wiley has a year left. Bill has not been able to enter the playoffs for sixteen seasons, which is the longest record in the American professional sports world. last week, there was a lot of rumors about Wiley's future. Pegula's statement to let two people eat the reassurance. In the statement, Pegula said that our expectations had not been reached, but then expressed his belief that the team was able to achieve a long-term success under Ryan and Wiley. Two people now have a year to prove that long-term success is possible. is usually Ryan in the offseason to make a playoff team to ensure. It looks like he doesn't have to do this this year. In Wiley and his position in jeopardy, he must be led into the playoffs.The official website of NFL, outside linebacker over Baldwin, Faber Kurt due to indecent gestures fined in rugby nest the five fingers on each hand are important, especially for those who make money by catching and defending the ball. , the longest of the five fingers, made some players lighter in their wallet this week. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) and Cincinnati tigers linebacker theze von Bo Fickett (Vontaze Burfict) because of their cost of sports moral behavior has been fined $12154. The two of them were punished because of the public erection of the middle finger. Baldwin finger is to express the offensive coordinator Daryl Bevier (Darrell Bevell) attack tactics of discontent. The tactics were finally completed by the quarterback Russell - Wilson. we're fucking in the red area. Do you want me to pass the ball? Baldwin laughed at the attack after the game. Pass the ball to me. Baldwin finally completed touchdowns, but in the end because the Seahawks score and win so Baldwin's behavior did not cause a great disturbance. but compared to Baldwin, Bo Fickett's story is not so happy. The controversial tiger tiger line may be seen playing the middle finger on both sides of the grandstand at the team's home defeat to Buffalo Bill. whether the game wins or not, the result is the same for two people - a huge ticket issued by the league. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | pony and Hilton took 5 years to renew | football The official website of the Indianapolis pony announced that they had renewed their engagement with T.Y. Hilton (T.Y. Hilton). according to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the contract lasted for 5 years, worth 65 million U.S. dollars, to protect the income of 39 million dollars. , this is a great day for Indianapolis pony, T.Y. Hilton and his family, "Ryan Grigson", general manager of Grieg. Our team is very happy to ensure that T.Y. will play for us for the next many years. His excellent performance in the field every day clearly shows the true meaning of an effort to become a great player and to become a pony. pony before the renewal of Hilton as the offseason priority. Both sides can reach a new contract before the team faces the Philadelphia hawk's pre - season first battle on Sunday. To be selected in the third round of the 2012 draft Hilton last season for the first time selected occupation bowl, 82 ball, 1345 yards and 7 touchdowns. This is Hilton's number of passes for the second season in a row. Hilton's contract that the pony is how to treat his position in the offensive team, after rumors that pony picked in the draft receiver Philip (Phillip Dorsett) - Dorset is to eventually replace Hilton. It is now apparent that Hilton Dorset speed type receiver combination will feel a headache for many years in the future second tier defensive opponent.

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