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Bowling Hubei bowling tournament in November by Kham, what will win the evening of November 27th, Hubei University in 2016 November held a membership Kangba bowling tournament, where the player arc set to 843 points to win the UFO female players won the second Li Ling 829, Xiao Baojun 824 players won the third arc arc, he won the fourth player Xinsheng 797, UFO ball hand Liu Yi 797 was at fifth, Xu Kai won the 793 player flying saucer sixth. score award winner The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its auth cheap nfl jerseys free shipping enticity.The official website of NFL | Cleveland Bulangqiao - Thomas would like to be traded | football Joe Thomas (Joe Thomas) is clearly able to maintain a few good years, and he also hopes to continue in the NFL game. Expert CBS recently that Cleveland Brown should deal this week for Thomas, but he said such a transaction may never happen, he said the occupation bowl tackle players are quite willing to accept any deal, go to a championship team. expert said: Brown will rebuild in the next few years, probably will find a young quarterback, so Thomas's stay will be an important asset for the team. Thomas is 32 years old. He will enter the fifth year of the 7 year contract, and will get 8 million 300 thousand dollars. After that, he will get 8 million 800 thousand dollars separately in the next 2 years. His contract may become a burden on the offensive line. because no one of the players of this age can guarantee that he is still the top player in the League every year.Positive and announced the new season before the home court Jersey, Jersey collar, the style of the font shows the club name abbreviation "AFCB". for the players to play well designed body with concave convex structure fabrics to bring the classic appearance, comfortable experience and lasting quality jerseys, breathable fabric underarm position is helpful to players in the game to better heat and sweat.The official website of NFL | Raiders and Crabtree contract in 4 years | football Oakland Raiders will take over Michael Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) contract after the end of the season, but the team is obviously not going to let him test the water free market. Local time Wednesday, the official website of NFL reporter, and the Raiders have Crabtree a 4 year, $35 million contract agreement. Kelabuteliben for the Raiders to usher in the new season, he had played for San Francisco in 49 when the 2013 season injuries and 2014 season and mediocre. This season, he has shown the features of the new team again: the high success rate, the high performance in the red area, and good at playing after the ball. According to the current performance, he is expected to be at the end of the season when the ball 88 times for 1013 yards, 9 touchdowns. for the quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr), this is also a good news. He will continue to partner with the ball in the next few years, the 28 year old rookie Cooper Crabtree and Amari (Amari Cooper) will continue to escort him.

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