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even-even soccer equipment network Adidas company in the UK Chelsea Club officially launched the new 2015-16 team season second Away Jersey, New Jersey theme of "Back in black (black regression), reproduction of the classic black and white color theme. The Blues will take part in the key battles at home and in Europe. from top to bottom is a black to white transition form, shirt is black shorts, from top to bottom gradually fade, the white socks, and the club's traditional home court blue blue shorts and white collocation is consistent. as the new season home court and away, the new season second Away Jersey unique is the highlight of the fingerprint on the Jersey side label. Fingerprints are a symbol of everyone's identity, and Adidas connects fans and clubs more closely by adding fingerprints on their shirts.The official website of NFL | college speech: no | Rugby Romo cowboy maybe we didn't know what Toni ROM (Tony Romo) meant for the Dallas cowboy before this season. the Cowboys quarterback had 25 or four day counter attack experience believe it has been able to explain cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the importance of the cowboy for him. Recently, Pennsylvania York college sophomore Alex Freedman (Alex Friedman) published an article: Toni Romo is the cowboy clutch speech. obviously Freedman is a super fan of cowboys. (reporters found the basis in his twitter), and his speech got the A+ score from Professor. Look at the professor's final message, I will use this week's fantasy Romo first, hope he is the team's clutch. we have to say about their professor this week starting quarterback who is the fantasy of your paper or may help speech.Beijing time, December 18th, the Tampa Bay pirates visited Saint Louis to challenge the rams. The rams have built up a great advantage in the first three sections. Although the pirates in the fourth quarter of awakening, but still failed to comeback. Finally, the score of the game was 23:31. first quarter, the rams will lead the attack to pirate a run. Keith Kenath Tim (Case Keenum) cross - Austen (Tavon Austin) tavern, Austen enchanting running routes completed a touchdown to get rid of all the players tackle pirates. Although the pirates with a 53 yard free kick back with a score, but the ram immediately will be widened. It's the long wing - Kenny Britt (Kenny Britt) got a 60 yard touchdown pass. The first section of Harding Park, home court battle rams to lead 14:3. the second quarter, the pirates first offense unwilling to kick over 1 yards, attacking captured 4 files with missing code, miss. The rams turned their heads again. This is the rookie Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli, a strong red, on his knees before landing the full extension of the body, the ball in front of. Since then the two sides did not score again, the half ended, the ram has been leading 18 points. 21:3. third game, the pirates finally got into the red area of the ram, but failed to pass the ball repeatedly and had to take 3 points from the free kick. But the ram does not give pirates the chance, Austen ran the ball again escaped all grapple, easily completed a touchdown. Since then, the pirates have been busy making mistakes. At the end of the three, the goats have been 28:6 leading the pirates. the fourth quarter, the Vikings finally completed a touchdown, tight end Luke Stark (Luke Stocker) received the Winston (Jameis Winston) jamies - 4 yard touchdowns. But the kick-off of the goats hit the 3 yards of the pirates, but it was a pity that the 3 consecutive shot of the ball was only 2 yards. The ram is turned into 31:13 with a free kick. The pirates control the difference with a free kick in the range of two, with more than 7 minutes left. The pirates finally made out of three rams, but Winston steals from anxious advance. The pirates get the ball again after the suspension of the suspension. The Winston pass was given to Austen - Austin Seferian-Jenkins. But the pirate kicking did not succeed, the reversal failed. The score of the whole game is 23:31.The official website of NFL | lightning center Hardwicke announced his retirement | football often has a very special fetter between the center and the quarterback on the football field. The San Diego lightning, Nick Hardwicke (Nick Hardwick) and Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) is the case. On Monday, local time, Hardwicke announced his retirement. , a veteran who has been in the League for 11 years, was selected by lightning in the third round in the 2004 draft. He and Rivers in the same grade, after long years Peigemoqi, both become the core players of lightning. Hardwicke started 136 games in his career and opened the ball to Rivers in 108 of them. In the 2006 season, lightning was 14 to 2, and Hardwicke was also ready for the career bowl. He led the line to run Sergio Dailey Ann Tomlinson (LaDainian Tomlinson) to help the latter take charge into the enemy ranks, 1815 yards, 31 touchdowns. Before the season, Hardwicke has revealed that the 2014 season is likely to be the last year of his career. Unfortunately, he was troubled by the neck injury this season, only 1 times. The old man lost his weight nearly 100 pounds during the period of his injury. Hardwicke knows he doesn't have the conditions to continue the game. Despite the injury, he is still on the sidelines with the team in every game of the season. In the second week of the game, Rivers, in order to show respect for the old friend, specially changed the number of the helmet to Hardwicke's number 61.

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