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Brown Cleveland quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) because of alcohol abuse coach Mike - Pettine (Mike Pettine) into the team's 3 quarterback. Although Pettine decided to the most severe method to control Manzel, but he still said in an interview with Brown Manzel's career is not over. Pettine said: "I want to play the last game he is not playing for Brown's. He has made great progress, but there are some things that you can get back on the way forward. This is a hindrance to his growth, but a successful athlete must learn to deal with this problem, which is a good lesson for him. Pettine revealed that Manzel was demoted to the bench for cheap nfl jerseys free shipping his decision very disappointed: "Manzel competition desire is very strong, he wanted to play." Manzel's career is not as smooth as he expected. Too many off court problems and adaptability to professional competitions have become an important factor to prevent him from going forward. Brown's performance is still unable to satisfy the fans this season. The team expects Manzel to become a leader. But now the quarterback has disappointed his coach and teammates again.Washington last week 17 than 20 lost to the Detroit lions, now they need to meet the challenge of fully equipped for Cincinnati tigers. 's first corner guard Josh Norman (Josh Norman) and the first near - end Jordan Reed (Jordan Reed) have all been back. last week, two people had concussion at the same time. Reed is the second time this season. But now two people are involved in the training of the team. They are all ready to go to London. for red Norman is very important, because they need to defend Green Noel came to AJ (A.J.Green), and Reed is the team of red weapons.Although NFL has not released an official rule allows the team directly to the Color Rush version of Jersey abandoned, but the League said "give the team more free" Jersey option. In short, the team can now choose to wear the Color Rush shirt. the red skin did not wear the Color Rush shirt in the Thursday night match. Earlier this year, the hawks and dolphins did not choose to wear the Color Rush uniform. now, as long as the color of the shirt and trousers is the same, and the color of the other team is not too close, it will not affect the patients with color blindness, so the team can choose not to wear the Nike Color Rush Jersey. The supporters of this policy should not be in the minority.2015 season is a disaster for Indianapolis pony. The main reason is that they have lost the Andrew Luck, the first quarterback. He has only completed 7 matches, and the performance is far worse than before. The choice of lark's game is more and more dangerous now, because his holding time is longer than before, and he doesn't pay attention to protecting his body. The new season LAK has given us a new plan. Clark said: "reducing the impact is part of my quarterback. The solution is to pay more attention and to handle the ball faster, that is to say more reading and understanding our tactics." The team's quarterback coach also said they need help to reduce the time to find out the open area and help him learn to handle the ball faster. for the horse, the biggest goal of the next season is to watch LAK finish 16 games, and there is no injury.

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