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Saturday night, a symbol of the best players in the college football Heisman winner announced. The quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) from the University of Oregon won the prize. other final candidate is University of Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon (Melvin Gordon) -- more than any college football bowl game series (FBS) players quickly reached 2000 yards off - and the University of Alabama took over Cooper (Amari Cooper) - amarys. has won a series of awards a week before the award winner announced. Before he was awarded the Maxwell prize (Maxwell Award) and Walter Camp Award (Walter Camp Award), the two awards are awarded the national top college football players, and the David Obrien Award (Davey O'Brien Award), this award awarded the national top college football quarterback. Interestingly, Mario Kobita is the second wore the number 8 shirt won the Heisman players, while the first wearing Jersey No. 8 winner? It was Obrien who won the award in 1938 at Texas Christian University (Texas Christian University). Mario Kobita is the first Uni cheap nfl jerseys free shipping versity of Oregon player to win the prize. He is also from University of Southern California running back Reggie Bush (Reggie Bush) 2005 award since the first Parke winning twelve League (Pac-12) players (Bush winning alliance called Parke ten alliance, and Bush for violating the provisions of NCAA and then return the trophy). Mario made a total of 53 tower season touchdowns (38 touchdowns, 14 rushing touchdowns, 1 receptions for touchdowns), the array number more than 94 teams in the 2014 season of single season. He made 3773 passing yards and 38 touchdowns, 669 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns. He has 10 games this season, scoring at least 4 touchdowns, with 4 games to get at least 5 touchdowns. In January 1st, he will lead the University of Oregon in the rose bowl to the Florida State University in the semi-final of the university football playoffs. This game is the two Heisman winner duel, Heisman winner Jamie last year by Florida State University - Winston (Jameis Winston) led. Mario Kobita is the fifth consecutive win the Heisman quarterback, this is the thirteenth time since the 15 season by winning quarterback. The only two award-winning non quarterback players in this period came from the University of Alabama's Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) and Bush at the University of Alabama in 2009. Mario Kobita said he will officially decide whether to move to the professional arena after the end of the college season.buffalo Bill is in the process of signing a new contract with C.J. Peeler (C.J. Spiller) for a positive discussion. General manager Doug (Doug Whaley) wells in the local time on Tuesday morning to talk with representatives of Peeler, face to face. Bill is trying to provide a new long contract for the team's running front. Said Peeler, Whaley, is one of the key players, the team will try to retain key players as much as possible. Peeler is now in the last year of the rookie contract, and his future in Bill is ambiguous. During the off-season, the team extended the contract of Fred Jackson (Fred Jackson) for a year, got the Bruce Brown (Bryce Brown) through the transaction, and signed a contract with Anthony Dixon (Anthony Dixon) for 3 years. For more than a year, Spiller, 27, has always been unable to make full use of the Doug Marrone system. His abilities and features seem to be inconsistent with the team's current offensive system. in the opening match against the Chicago bear, Peeler held the ball 15 times, 2 times more than Jackson's 7 and Dixon's 5. However, he only took 53 yards, compared to Jackson's 61 yards, and Dixon took 60 yards more efficiently. Nevertheless, Peeler Bill is still the most talented backcourt players, not only by the natural benefits of data views about players.local time Friday, Tennessee Titan announced two contracts, significantly strengthening the team's impact on the strength. According to reports, the Titans successively and former Washington Redskins outside linebacker Blaine Biolek (Brian Orakpo) and the wave has become a free agent Derek - Morgan (Derrick Morgan) to complete the contract. Morgan will have a duration of 4 years, 30 million of the value of the New Testament, Biolek wave contract is 4 years 32 million, and enjoy a 13 million 500 thousand guarantee. Morgan, now 26, has attracted many teams' attention since he became a free agent. However, the Titan succeeded in retaining this rising player. In the past 5 seasons, Morgan has completed 23 capture. In the 3-4 defensive lineup of coach Ray Horton, he played the best season of his career, finishing 6.5 hits and 63 tackles. Alllike wave at the age of 28, there are 4 seasons played at least 15 games, he completed a total of 38.5 sacks. His body and speed are what Titan values. Alllike wave's ability to doubt, but his injury history but need to pay special attention to the team, the 12 season and 14 season he only sent 2 games and 7 games.even-even soccer equipment network when Adidas launched Creator Studio, which provide fans with a hitherto unknown opportunity, so that they can be 6 involved in the activities of the club personally designed jerseys. Every team has received thousands of designs, and Adidas has finally chosen the top 100 for each club. So what are the third players in the 2017-18 season that could be a Real Madrid?

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