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The official website of NFL, the packers quarterback Rodgers: the team without reconstruction in rugby nest Green Bay Packers to 21-44 defeat in Atlanta. although the game reflects the packers defensive line affected by injuries and poor performance and rushed the ball to play, quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) said the packers in the offseason requires only minor repairs and not comprehensive reconstruction after the game. we need a small patch, I don't think we need to rebuild; we need a small patch. We have a lot of young players. ... we just need some small patches in the offseason, Rodgers said. Rodgers even pointed out the players he thought he could stay. I think some of the players we didn't think of at the start of the season have made a great contribution to this season, Rodgers said. We have Geronimo - Allison (Geronimo Allison), and he gives us a good performance. Aaron Rip Kowski (Aaron Ripkowski) did a great job. From the Jared Cook (Jared Cook) performance this season, he needs to be a priority renewal player. As for the attacking frontline, it is very important for them to stay together for our success. I'm really proud of these people. We fought. We face the situation for eight consecutive weeks and won the fight to win or die in some important games. We were a little bit worse. at both ends of the attack and defense, the wrapper has a number of important players who are about to become free players cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . , though Rodgers says, the packers don't put their expectations too high. Although the team team feel dissatisfied, usually has been stingy team general manager Ted Thompson (Ted Thompson) are unlikely to change their introduction of free agent strategy. Rodgers said the team needs minor repairs, which means he thinks the team is good. But this team needs to rely on Rodgers's best performance to win. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Beijing time on December 12th, in the East, "practice" of the new England patriots against the Miami dolphins, the patriots have won eight games in a row, yesterday after the Steelers crow lore, the Patriots needed a victory to set the tone for the next week and the Steelers directly decide who is united against the number one seed. Just two weeks before the dolphins defeated the fox fort, the war is bound to be "legend" Jay Cutler in the NFL match last night debut, partition will take off Civil War rivals two skin. ????????????????????????????????????????????? After the second Drake punches the ball 10 yards from two tackles won the first division of continuing to promote a number close to 10 yards in midfield, Cutler found Landry got 9 yards close to new Drake after the first attack, short run code directly won the first attack. Second 10 yards Cutler found Landry got 9 yards, three Drake not rushed 1 yards four dolphins choose Cutler to fight, Parke for the position, not only to get the first attack also advancing to the red zone before. One file of 10 yards of Cutler crosswise short Landry, the patriot is not in place to send dolphins into the 10 yard line. Second 11 yards Cutler directly challenge array area without success, are under strong pressure from three to 11 yards Cutler pocket, forced the ball on the bleachers, kick kicked 0-3. The Patriot attack, the first two offensive defense to dolphin to the very large pressure no results, three to 10 yards, Brady tries to find the profound route, but the pass was cornerback Howard steals! The dolphin continued to attack, Drake rushed to get the first attack, the next 10 yards of Cutler emptied the rear field, to find the right way Grant quickly get the first attack. After the third 8 yards Parke failed to advance the ball enough number of dolphins, any ball in 0-6. The Patriot attack, the ball did not run a few yards, second pass failed, nearly three again steals, four selection punt. Dolphins attack, three to 10 yards passing by second defensive pass interference foul to get the first attack. Third Julius - Thomas ball 5 yards to get their first attack but dropped the ball, but the ball did not change. The second section back patriot attack, Duhem Lewis got the first run the Patriots first attack, then Tom Brady found Burke Hyde get 8 yards, Lewis again first attack. Third is the ball 4 yards, Burke Hyde defense in the first attack line before the second press down, can only choose to punt. Dolphins attack, second 8 yards Cutler was captured and killed by the safetys raid almost take safety, three to 18 yards to Drake out of 12 yards, four punt selector. The Patriots offense, under pressure to second gear 8 yards Brady pocket, was forced to attempt to sideline Lewis, the latter one hand scooping ran out of a small number of. Three to 5 yards, in the end find Brady caused Howard Cousteau pass interference foul, two yards before advancing to the end. Burke Hyde right run spiral "lie in the" end, additional points scored 7-6, Patriot wave counter ultra score. &nbs〉The official website of NFL | bears Coach: Alan will be reborn | rugby at outside linebacker position Chicago bear's 33 year old driver, Jared Allen (Jared Allen), has changed from the defensive end to the outside guard. Although he has encountered many difficulties in adapting to this new position, Vic Fangio, a defensive coordinator of the bear team, is still confident of the veteran. He believes Allen can be reborn in the position of the outside guard. Fangio said he was very good at the training camp and I think he was very confident about the new season, and he was very excited about it. I told him that he would be reborn in this position, and he was able to get to the top again after changing his position. in tactical terms, Fangio also gave a number of instructions: in the current NFL, more and more teams use the five - point defense lineup. Some teams even use 65% to 75% of the five - point guard. We will also use it, but the selection will not affect Alan's position. As a result, the change of position is not as huge as it is imagined. In addition, Fangio stressed the importance of the flushing, he compared the 3-4 defensive formation to the 5-2 formation, emphasizing the important role of Alan in the team.Michael - Clubb Terry (Michael Crabtree) came to another team in the Bay Area - the Oakland Raider. The contract is only 1 years and 3 million 200 thousand, and there is a bonus of up to $1 million 800 thousand. is considered to be the big fish season Crabtree Hugh the free agent market, but has no team gave him a big contract, eventually signing this term with the Raiders, to prove his contract. When 49 people are selected in the first round of the 2009 Crabtree, for the team for 6 years has made 347 catches for 4327 yards and 26 touchdowns. In 2013 a marked decline in the state after Achilles tendon surgery, but the 27 year old Crabtree is still likely to bring more surprises. raid other foreign competitors including James Jones took over the array (James Jones), Rhodes (Rod Streater), Streeter Andre - Holmes (Andre Holmes) et al., signed on the second grade Crabtree their quarterback Derek Carle (Derek Carr) to provide strong support.

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